About Us

High Desert Ranch is a family owned and operated ranch with a passion for wildlife and livestock alike. The longhorn community is one of the best to raise our young children in; therefore, it was a quick and easy decision to start our longhorn herd. In an effort to raise high quality cattle, we are growing slowly and are very selective before making a new addition to the herd. The first thing on our list is their disposition. If they aren't gentle enough for our children to hand feed, they do not make our cut. We are very fortunate to have thousands of acres of premium, high country, and nutrient dense pasture. Having more pasture than cattle results in the body condition and horn growth that will quickly set our cattle above the rest. Our excitement for our future in the amazing longhorn community is hard to keep to ourselves, so please contact us if you would like to visit our beautiful high country ranch. As always, reach out with any inquiries about our herd or to just nerd out about longhorns together.